Why Women Struggle With Weight Loss

In an interview with Dr. Strand, he reveals why women tend to struggle with weight loss more than men.

He says that at certain points in our lives, we tip over into an abnormal metabolic state and all of a sudden we are not as sensitive to our own insulin anymore.

Insulin’s job is to get the food we eat (glucose) into our cells to be stored as energy (or fat).

When you become less sensitive to your own insulin, the body compensates by producing even more insulin and as your blood insulin levels rise, you can’t utilize calories normally anymore.

Those calories you used to utilize in the muscle as energy are now being diverted to the fat cells of the abdomen and you start putting on this tremendous amount of weight.

Insulin not only converts glucose (sugar) to fat but it also blocks the release of that fat.

This is the frustration many women are dealing with when it comes to struggling with weight loss. The key is getting your insulin levels under control.

You do this by eating the correct foods (like what is recommended on our weight loss program).

Once your insulin levels come down your fat burning hormone, glucagon will come up and you will be able to have effective weight loss.

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