It is with a full heart that I share these kind words from my patients.

“I’m so grateful for Debbie Holland’s service to women. She has greatly influenced my life, and as a result, my family’s life, in an amazing way. Her immense knowledge and insight, coupled with genuine care, enables her to profoundly impact each woman who comes to see her. Her desire to see women truly flourish and feel well is an inspiration. Every woman could benefit from a consultation with Debbie, no matter where they are are in their health journey.”

"Many thanks to Debbie for helping me work through my hormone, thyroid and anxiety problems! It’s a rare blessing to have someone so gifted medically that will take the time to really find out how I’m doing, and to treat the whole rather than just symptoms. She even routinely questions how other family members are doing. I so appreciate her wisdom and perspective, and never leave without a sincere hug!"

"I had my son almost three years ago and my health literally fell apart. After many failed attempts from doctors giving me wrong diagnosis and dismissing I had a thyroid issue I finally found Debbie. Debbie finally found my thyroid was my issue and has me on medication that has helped me tremendously. She's also been incredibly patient with me on this long health journey and never second guessed the way I felt. Many doctors made me feel crazy! I refer many of my own clients to her. If your looking for a doctor to listen and really do some research she is the one! Thanks Debbie for all you do!"  (NOTE - Debbie is a WHNP, Women's Health Nurse Practitioner)


"Shout out to everyone who recommended Debbie Holland, WHNP (Women's Health Nurse Practitioner).  In case you're looking for someone who specializes in women's health, she has her own practice called Redeeming Women's Wellness out past Lexington High School.  I had my first consultation with her last week for my hypothyroidism and I'm on my way to a healthier me thanks to her and all of you!  So thank you so much from the bottom of my heart!  This mom and wife is on the road to a better me!!"

~~ Rosemary

"My experience with Debbie Holland goes back several years. After meeting her the very first time I would ALWAYS ask the women in appointments to set me up with her from then on. It was amazing to have a nurse practitioner genuinely concerned about your health. I loved her spirit instantly and was fortunate enough to have her deliver my last child. After being diagnosed with breast cancer and learning about Debbie offering healthy lifestyle suggestions to patients it was a no brainer for me to follow her and have her help me with my clean eating journey. I learned so much in my very first visit. She immediately knew what steps I needed to take in order to start allowing my body to heal itself. I was amazed at all the information I received. She doesn't just help you eat right she finds the underlying cause of your problem. I couldn't be happier!"


"How do I begin to succinctly describe my experience with someone who has so quickly become a treasure to me?!  I began seeing Debbie about a year and a half  after my 4th child was born.  My medical background is filled with thyroid issues and fatigue.  Four pregnancies/children later, my body just couldn't recover.  I was extremely fatigued.  It became depressing and I told my husband that I didn't feel like I was getting better, only shutting down more with each day.  

I had a very good doctor during this time, but my blood work levels always showed in the normal range.  Having heard through a friend about Debbie Holland, I was desperate enough to try something different (something "weird" in my mind!)  She had me do blood work again and paid attention to things doctors don't always believe to be important.  The cost of that initial visit was worth every penny.  Debbie prescribed a thyroid medicine to work along with the traditional medicine I was taking.  This made a massive difference in about 2 weeks.  She also asked me to take some natural supplements to boost health and clean "your gut".  My children will attest to how different their mommy is after only a few months of working with Debbie.  I have energy again!  There are no words to describe how Debbie has helped to give me a life again.  I wasn't able to do the things I've been called to do, but now I can.  Her sweet demeanor and trust in the Lord have been a revolutionary blessing at this season in my life and during this difficulty.  Thank you Debbie!"


Debbie cares about the whole woman and has a passion for them to live in optimum health. Her holistic approach not only addresses the symptoms but the root causes of so many of the roadblocks and hindrances facing women today. So thankful she is helping so many women redeem their health and make lifestyle changes that are long-lasting and permanent. I'm also grateful that she has kept the Lord at the center of her mission and I think it has made the difference."


"I cannot say enough good things about Debbie. Debbie truly has a passion for helping women “redeem” and restore their wellness. Debbie has a heart to see women living their full potential in the health and vitality God intended. Debbie takes the time to personally connect and care for each individual patient that comes thru her doors. You are more than just a patient to Debbie- you are someone she walks a road with, and someone she truly wants to see redeem their own wellness back. Debbie loves to help women by coming along side them, and sharing her knowledge with you. I cannot recommend going to see Debbie enough!"


"I am so thankful for Debbie Holland!  She was able to quickly identify and help me get my thyroid issues under control.  She's an amazing, holistic health care provider and I am so thankful that God allowed us to cross paths!"


"OMG...Debbie Holland I feel so energized this morning! So glad I found you and your awesome knowledge and practice! Making just the small changes the last few days in my diet has made a huge difference in how I feel and my workouts have been much more intense. Thank you! Wish I would have found you two years ago when I started my journey!"


"From my perspective as Family Nurse Practitioner and as a patient, Debbie Holland, WHNP, is exactly what modern medicine has been missing—holistic care with a practical approach. Her ability to listen to women and treat them using a combination of allopathic and homeopathic medicine is remarkable. Mrs. Holland treats the whole woman instead of focusing on a specific condition or diagnosis resulting in healing and wellness. I am forever grateful for her and for her passion and ability to transform lives. Her love for the Lord and ability to follow His calling for her is just the icing on the cake!"


"I struggled with health issues for many years that went undiagnosed by many doctors, after finally getting a diagnosis of Hashimoto's Thyroiditis, I found Debbie who helped me turn my health around in a matter of a few short months without harsh drugs and therapies. She was able to get to the source of my thyroid issues and help me find true health and wellness. She is a great coach and won't leave you clueless. She is an amazing practitioner and I owe a lot to her! Thanks for all you do for this community Debbie!"


"I started seeing Debbie just as I began a new focus on my health in light of continued digestive problems. I had been taking medication for reflux for many years and had read this may be having a negative effect on the problem. Debbie helped me see the reflux as part of an overall unhealthy digestive tract and we launched a program of healing. That was eight months and 30 pounds ago! My reflux is gone and the rest of my digestion has significantly improved. We are also tackling some more prickly problems in addition to regular illnesses/bugs that occasionally threaten. Debbie has been a wonderful guide, practitioner, and friend!  Thanks for everything!"