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Meet Debbie


I have committed my life to meeting the needs of women for the last 30 years by working as a Labor and Delivery Nurse, a Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner and a Certified Nurse Midwife. All of these contribute to a powerful track record of providing exceptional care in the area of Women’s Health.


With our ongoing attempts to cope with living a modern life, many of us have fallen out of balance with how our bodies were intended to function. Most of us are feeling more stress than we were ever meant to handle. This stress, whether dietary, work-related, family-related, etc has an immense impact on our health and sense of well-being. This may manifest as weight gain, fatigue, thyroid dysfunction, adrenal stress, digestive issues, inflammation and hormone imbalance.


At Redeeming Women’s Wellness, my intention is to guide you on your journey back to restored balance and optimum health. This principally involves initiating and maintaining lifestyle choices that empower you to find deep healing within yourself. How we nourish our body with food is one of the most important ways to create harmony within ourselves. Profound healing and recovery occurs when we are able to change the way we eat, supplement wisely, and restore optimal gut function.


Through my own personal journey of weight loss and redeeming my health, I was inspired to research and learn more about natural and holistic health. I spent the majority of my life battling a weight issue. I have been on every diet known to man. I would lose weight on these diets, but would quickly gain the weight back.


Through educating myself and making a commitment to make positive daily choices, I have learned to give up dieting and heal my body with nutrition and supplements. These lifestyle changes have led to my being healthier, having higher energy and looking better than I did 20 years ago!  Sharing my knowledge to help you achieve your dreams of optimal health is my goal. My purpose on this earth is to help His people and I thank God that He has provided me with the ability to inspire women to become the best they can be in mind, body and spirit.


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Maryann Cady

maryann cady

Health Coach

Maryann is passionate about helping others to be the best they can be.  Our health plays a big part in our life.  Without our health, nothing really matters and we do not get to enjoy the God-given life that we were meant to have.  

Maryann's dad developed cancer and the doctors said there was nothing more they could do for him.  They sent him home and gave him a couple of years.  Through prayer and guidance he was introduced to a Macrobiotic diet.  My dad was a dairy farmer and use to the big meals with lots of dairy, baked goods, gravies, white bread that stuck to the roof of your mouth and so on.  So, for him to agree to this was a big deal.  

He stuck with it and lost weight, looked the best he had in a very long while with tons of energy!  It was at that point, I knew that our diet plays a significant role in our health.  I took a year long intensive course to become a health coach and decided to share my knowledge with others.  

Life is about choices and we need to make a Choice to take a Chance or Your life will never Change.  I had made the Choice to change!  I'm a Fun Grandma and not sitting on the couch with all the aches and pains that so many other seniors complain about.  You too can change, if you make that Choice.

Through God's intervention, Debbie and I met, and our life has never been the same.  We hit it off with common goals, vision, empowering women, making a difference and the Holy Spirit guiding us all the way.  

Debbie is awesome and blessed with the health knowledge that is helping so many women. Her dream was to open a practice and together we made it happen.

We make one powerful team to help women feel their best!  I look forward to meeting all you beautiful women!


Shelby Holland


Office Manager

My name Is Shelby Holland and I grew up most of my life in Lake Oswego, Oregon. I started out going to college for Exercise and Sports Science and had found that God had a different plan for me. I studied at Calvary Chapel Bible College for a year where I had met my prince charming and husband today. Having and continuing a healthy lifestyle was and is something I continue to make a part of my daily life. I fully believe if we just listen to our bodies and use the resources that God has given us we can be healthier and stronger than ever. I am so excited to be a part of something far more greater, and that is helping women get back and or continuing to, thrive in their health and feel amazing.

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