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Our Mission

Redeeming Women's Wellness is here to help you on your healing journey.
Our passion is to guide, encourage and inspire you to make lifestyle changes that will enable you to achieve your desired wellness goals.
Together we will create a personalized plan of care to empower you to redeem your God-given health, grace and beauty.

True health is not a goal to be achieved ~ it is a journey to be embraced.

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Are You Ready For the Journey to True Health?

When our body feels out of balance, it has a way of telling us.  We need to listen to what our bodies are saying.  If we ignore these messages and continue on with our hectic lives, our health gets out of control.  We start to feel bad everyday to the point that we forget what feeling good actually feels like!  


Can you imagine???

  • Feeling full of energy and vitality
  • Finally losing that stubborn weight or belly fat, once and for all
  • Not craving sugar or processed foods anymore
  • No longer suffering from indigestion, heartburn or allergies
  • Having the best night sleep in a long time
  • Reducing your stress by addressing adrenal issues
  • Your brain fog being lifted and your mind becoming clearer
  • Optimal functioning of the thyroid
  • Having balanced female hormones

I believe that nutrition and simple lifestyle changes can support the body into healing itself naturally.  Do you realize that nutritional deficiencies create disturbances within the body, such as gut issues, hormone imbalances, allergies, stress, brain fog and especially stubborn weight issues?!


FOOD is the Problem and FOOD is also the Solution! Every time you put something in your mouth, that Food or Drink is Feeding Disease or the Food and Drink is Fighting Off Disease


So, when you eat well, make simple lifestyle changes and supplement wisely,

you can take back your life.  

That is True Health Freedom and it feels fantastic!

Invest in your health  ~  YOU are priceless.

Wellness is about the food choices we make daily.

Our body is a gift from God and we Honor Him  by taking care of

our self  through education and implementation of a healthy lifestyle.

It's often been estimated that your diet accounts for 80% of the benefits you reap from a healthy lifestyle. ~ Dr. Mercola 


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